Cavicchioli, Everyday pleasure

A description of the people of Modena and the heart of our Lambrusco wine that they fully represent goes like this: straightforward and exuberant, renowned for vivacity, the right amount of acidity and, above all, cheerful, fresh and versatile. Having sparkle around here is a geographical requisite. In all aspects of everyday life we can find that tingly sensation that immediately brings joy. For instance, when sitting around a table, either in a tavern playing cards or at home eating tortellini in meat broth or bollito (boiled meat), people are friendly and welcoming, just like the bubbles in the pink mousse in a glass of our Asso di Briscola wine, one that belongs to our tradition. The same can be said of our Tre Medaglie, Contessa Matilde and Marchio Storico lines, which are a pleasure that is repeated day after day.